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Supervisor’s Message

Training, in our world today, is not only considered a development tool, but also its main means. If it has been invested and used in the best way; it will achieve efficiency and competence in performance and production. Many research results have confirmed that the training, as the basis of all the development of the human race, is a key role in the growth of culture and civilization, which will result in the progress of the society. Training is the basis for the preparation of the profession; because its requirements are changing by several factors: knowledge explosion and the technical progress in all areas of life, as well as ease flow of information from one community to another and from one culture to another. Training has become the foundation on which workers development will be achieved on an ongoing basis and in a way that guaranteed carrying out their duties , responsibilities and obligations as appropriate with the developments of the times; those tasks were not exist while preparation before the service. Thus training became important in providing new knowledge, adding a variety of information, advanced skills and abilities. Moreover, it affects the attitudes of individuals, and adjusts their ideas, and changes their behavior, and develops their habits and methods to what is modern, which ultimately leads to a society capable of advancement, development and progress of all kinds.

Dr.Fahad Mohammed Alblehai
Supervisor of the Training and Community Service Center

About Center

The training and Community Service Center was established in Riyadh Teachers College in 1416 H. A draft of the executive regulations of the Center was issued in 1417 H. Then, the final regulations were issued and approved by Decree No. 16 in 1420 H. In accordance with this Decree, the name of the center was changed from “Community Service and Continuous Training Center” into “Training and Community Service Center”, comprising a “Training Unit” and a “Community Service Unit”.



A world-leading and distinct human development center.


Providing excellent training and consultancy in human development, which contributes to the development of the knowledge society.




  • Achieving a unique training environment.


  • Achieving a stable and sustainable financial situation.



  • Raising the efficiency of the performance in order to enhance the competitive position of the center.


  • Developing of training programs and developing world-class training programs.
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